My name’s Chelsea.
I’m eighteen; I look like this.
I’m quiet and soft spoken.
This is an ask box, use it not the fanmail.
These are some photos I took.
This is my blogroll.
I'm utterly in love.
I love: Brand New, Chinese food, vanilla scents, and acoustics.
I detest: bugs, tomatoes, storms, and fish.
I’m a simple mind.

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I swim for better days, despite the absence of sun.

This is the first time ive straightened my hair in 6 months if nate doesnt love me im killing him

4:56 pm

Its the first day i have off in a long time, so im going to get my nails done :)

6:47 am  1 note

i should just be a lion. but i’m going shopping in lexington today before senior trip.

1:34 pm  1 note

Im sleepy, but eating some fruit before i have to go to school then work :(

6:53 am  1 note

I really need a haircut but I’m getting one Thursday after I get paid. I’ve done a lot in the past two days, I’ve filed the FAFSA, I applied to UK. I burnt the shit out of my hair while in the process. And my manager wants to talk about something good with me, so besides being constantly tired and the whole school getting sick, it’s been a pretty good week.  And paydays Monday and I’m buying dads present Wednesday.

6:46 am

Idk i just dont wanna go to school

6:52 am

The lighting always fucks up my pictures

6:54 am

I’m taking my senior pictures today c:

6:52 am

3:16 pm

adding to my self tag dont mind me 

11:03 pm  1 note

Arent they so cute? :)

9:57 pm  1 note

1:13 pm  1 note

I look like some god awful punk omg

11:40 am  1 note

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