My name’s Chelsea.
I’m eighteen; I look like this.
I’m quiet and soft spoken.
This is an ask box, use it not the fanmail.
These are some photos I took.
This is my blogroll.
I'm utterly in love.
I love: Brand New, Chinese food, vanilla scents, and acoustics.
I detest: bugs, tomatoes, storms, and fish.
I’m a simple mind.

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I swim for better days, despite the absence of sun.

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3:16 pm

Aw isn’t my cat sooo cute c:

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I don’t think I ever uploaded a picture of my car. Don’t mind my little sister making faces in it :p

4:32 pm

I’d be jealous too.

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An old litter of puppies we used to have.

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There is a heaven

8:03 pm

A perfect ending to a perfect day :)

9:31 pm

This was taken minutes ago at my aunts house in Meniffe County. Beautiful, yet terrifying.

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They’re finally finished! (Taken with instagram)

8:19 pm

Taken with instagram

8:16 pm

I always wear black socks.

12:14 pm

My little cousin wouldn’t stop playing with photo booth, isn’t she cute?

7:23 pm

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